Covid19 Protective Measures

Please read the following information carefully and ensure to include confirmation which states that you and your child have read and agree to comply to our 'Covid19 protective measures' for the duration of our Halloween event,

Thank you.

  • Children will be grouped according to their age.

  • The Inner Ambition team will take lateral flow tests before and directly after this event

  • In order to make all the necessary adaptions to ensure that everything scheduled is ‘Covid Secure', we’ve added some measures such as extra handwashing and cleaning, social distancing practices between groups 

  • Face coverings will be worn and social distancing will be practised when staff & parents are interacting in-person

  • Children & the Inner Ambition team are not required to wear face coverings during active sessions

  • It is your duty, as the parent, to be vigilant for symptoms in your child(ren), and go for a test as soon as possible if you identify any symptoms associated with the Coronavirus. In this instance, please notify the Inner Ambition team immediately. Children are unable to attend this event with symptoms

  • If you have been in contact with a person who has tested positive and have been asked to self-isolate, then you must do so and your child must not attend the event. Please notify the Inner Ambition team as soon as possible.

  • Please limit the number of items your child brings with them. The only items needed are: a healthy snack, a packed lunch and refillable water bottle

  • Coats and bags will be kept together by bubble and group zone, additional items such as toys, games, and gadgets should not be brought to the event


Please include the following statement along with your booking information -

"I have read and agree to adhere to your Covid19 Protective Measures"   

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