Inner Ambition delivers Performing Arts classes to all age ranges. In every class there is an opportunity for you to reconnect with the inner self, tap into your true potential and give your confidence a real boost! 

It's becoming common knowledge as studies continue to show that dance, drama, music and movement can significantly improve our quality of life. Our classes are all about promoting high self-esteem and providing opportunities for everyone to learn new skills and inspire hidden talents. 


Feeling ambitious? Then why not take a look at what's on offer and see which class best suits you.

Embrace who you are and say out loud, "This is who I Am!"








With a Performing Arts BA (Hons) degree and extensive teaching experience in schools and previous careers including, professional dancer, girl band member, fitness instructor and children's entertainer,

Candice continues to spread her passion for Performing Arts and follow her dream,

Inner Ambition!


Candice Clift-Savill


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Inner Ambition
Specialist in Performing Arts